bits dinner booty

One mans junk is another mans treasure. I made out like a bandit last Saturday at the bits dinner. I am only now getting done with separating the stuff into races but there is a lot of stuff here. I explain the deal in the video but WOW is the only thing I have to say!

I had this post schedualed for a couple of days and in the mean time I have gone through the chaos figs and the results are as follows:
53 chaos marines
1 metal bloodcrushers
2 raptors
8 bloodletters (metal)
6 metal termies
8 - 3 piece nurgling bases
(would a single nurgling mounted on a base count as a lesser daemon?)
random bits and symbols


Kevinmcd28 said...

damn nice haul....can i have some? lol

tim said...

nice stuff, i want some of it.

lil will said...

can you hook me up with some bikes?

Black Matt said...

@ WIll,
dont you have 5 bikes that should be coming my way already?

lil will said...

Yea but there not yours or mine, i just want some for my own use