Blood angels update 7/18/10

Yeah, the camera sucks that bad! Watch the video, eat some cheetos, and do what your mom says!


Magilla Gurilla said...

Matt, this army really is coming together nicely. I have no doubt that the finished product will be fantastic.

Big Jim said...

That army is looking schweet! Your customer should be really happy with it!


tim said...

this army is looking amazing. jawaballs better watch out, you giving him a run for his money

Kjetil said...

When I saw the video for this on my youtube subscriber page, I got really relieved.

Because I thought you were jumping ship to the Blood Angels T_T

Glad to see it's only a commission, it looks awesome.

HuronBH said...

Nice job Matt, the army is looking great. If you need anymore BA bits to finish it off send me a list and I'll see what I have laying around. I have a lot of left overs from the BAs I built for myself.