raffle and tourney results,

We had another successful event with Brothers Grimm finally stepping up and bringing home the skulls! I dont remember his name but the Space Wolves player from Grimm tore through the tourney in a whirlwind taking first. Danny Internets came in second, while I squeaked into third. The highlight of the day was Danny vs. Jawaballs. I'll leave the thunder to them and theirs! The raffle results are above in the video. Its long and lengthy due to the explanation necessary. That sure didnt go as planned.


Black Matt said...

oooohhhh brother, I know what it looks like!

Magilla Gurilla said...

Congrats on the win!!!

Bah humbug!

Who gives a fly figgy what it looks like, if you are willing to paint an army and also put 100 dollars of your own money into the pot, then you deserve the win.

Once again, congrats!!

Karitas said...

you had 100 chances to win, everyone else put together had 156.

there was a 39% chance it was going to be you, so it shouldnt be much of a surprise :)

and congrats Matt :)

AutarchAndrew said...

hey Matt you know that storm wardens project you should try to start a chaos one

sluggy_fan said...
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sluggy_fan said...

I don't blame Matt for his win (congrats btw)...I'm prone to blame the raffle people.

It looks like 321 tickets were sold. 156 online. 100 Matt. 60 at the tourney. (note the gap between Jason and Matt - 161-222)

If the tickets were tore up in order and placed in the small rectangular box (as they were torn from the roll)...then the last 100 tickets sold (to Matt) were on top of the mass in the box.

Then they sorta shook it up with not a lot of room in the box for movement. 321 raffle tickets loosely put in that box fills a bit of space. Some sorta up and down shaking (which does nothing as the stacked/flat tickets just bounce up and down) and the forward/back shaking (which just slides the mass of flat paper tickets back and forth) and turning the box up and shaking up and down (more sliding of flat paper tickets)...this isn't marbles or odd shaped objects or lottery balls. It's small rectangular flat pieces of paper! That want to lay flat against the other pieces in a nice pile. That don't bounce around or have weight to individually mix up or have the shape to weave around the others for a good mix without help or room.

Then the lady reaches in an takes a top ticket. Doesn't mix it up much or burrow around a bit other than to shake off the excess tickets grabbed. What are the odds that out of the 100 tickets Matt bought and were put in last...as a roll of tickets starts at 1 and climbs up...that a good number of them were all at the top? Pretty good.

Poor judgment and poor execution of the raffle organizer's part!

No where does it show them taking all the flat tickets that stack so nicely on each other and mixing them up. Or putting them in a container with plenty of room for those flat pieces of light paper to move around amongst the other tickets and not just slide on each other.

A nice big box with room for the mass to separate and move around and get mixed up is needed. And you reach in and mix by hand to make sure the sequential numbers get separated!

This is how it appears from what we could see on video.

No blame to Matt! Don't get me wrong! I'm just going by what I can see. And I've sold raffle tickets and done drawings before. I've looked in the box and watched how the tickets move and had to reach in to mix it up...and turn the box all directions, etc. So I have experience to back me up.

Nice job on the paint job too, Matt!

Thanks for the time and energy you put in the army! And for hosting the online portion for people to purchase tickets!

(ps. I can admit I'm working off a lack of info, not being at the tourney. This is just based on what is visible and my own experience. I'm just hoping the raffle organizers will realize their potential mistake and correct it next time. A car box just isn't big enough to mix em up in!)

sluggy_fan said...

Oh yes...I forgot to mention. After all that...Yes, I do realize that Matt had 31% chance to win...even if things were mixed right.

Which is why I said congrats!

(digging the Chaos stuff btw!)

Black Matt said...

you know what, its crazy because the only flack I am catching is from people in the club. Mainly the girl who drew the raffle and her paranoid husband. It sucks and so do they because they believe that their positions in the club come with authority instead of responsibility! THere is a huge difference! They have NO right whatsoever to dictate how this happens. They should be happy it brought in an extra 150 bucks.

There was many more tickets bought than my final ticket of 321. I dont know what the final count was but I will figure it out tonight during the fight that is inevitably coming! YEAH!

Silvester said...
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Black Matt said...

i apologize to everyone about this drama. I am having a personal conflict with someone in the club and he put it in the public light and took things out of context in an email that I wrote in anger. Anyone who participated in the raffle who doubts the legitimacy of it can ask me for a refund!

Snake-Eyes said...

Congrats on the win Matt!!

Hey, if you got the bank to throw $100 into the raffle, more power to ya. It's not like you drew your own ticket... and everyone else had the same opportunity that you did to contribute... Rest assured, personally I don't feel cheated.