ard boys, chaos style?

A little birdie told me that Ard boys was coming up so I thought I would list what I might play. I havent played in well over a month and some change so I am going to try and get myself out of the same old way of playing. Im not putting down lash so dont even think it! So what do you guys think is a better list?

Oh yeah, you all know that when it rains it pours from the heavens to the earth floor, right? I would love to show you the progress that I have made on the Slaanesh squad, but I cant. Now as anyone who knows me in person can testify, I routinely play basketball with any mobile electronics by repeatedly bouncing whatever is in my hands on the pavement, again and again!!
Phone, whamm, no problem. Ipod, whamm, no problem. Camera, whamm, there is a problem this time. The only thing that broke is the macro button. I cant switch it into macro so these are the quality pics that I will be taking from now on. Am I going to replace it? Dunno and there might not be any reason to continue this if not. I dont like doing things half ass, even if thats the best way to do it. I dunno we will see what happens.
**** Edit, ok these should be correct! Whick is better?****
2 x Sorcerer 250
2 x dreadnoughts twin las, MLauncher 250
6 man chosen with 4 meltas, w/rhino w/combiweapon 193
2 x 8 man Plague Marine 2 w/melta, w/rhino and dozer blades 244 x 2 = 488
3 x 5 man CSM w/ 1 melta, glroy icon, w/rhino w/ DB 135 x 3 = 405
2 x 3 CSM bikers 2w/ meltas 119 x 2 = 238
3 x 3 Obliterators 675

3 x 3 termies w/ ccombi weapons with Land raider transports 340 x 3 = 1020
8 beserkers 168
8 beserkers 168
8 beserkers champ w/ PF
3 x 3 Land Raiders 220 x 3 = 660
This list is more for fun instead of trying to win and that is exactly what I need right now! I would love to use Kharn in the place of Abaddon and use the extra points toward more champions with PF but Kharn falls to easily to power fists! Kharn is by far my favorite character in the chaos codex!

What do you guys think?


AutarchAndrew said...

no oblitz? strange

The_King_Elessar said...

I'd suggest Kharn if going for a new HQ option...

IDICBeer said...

Matt, Try taking pictures from a distance that the camera will focus from and the crop the pic down afterwards

commanderduskstorm said...

How about video's? Have you tried taking any yet? I love seeing videos of people madels. Just a thought, I'd hate to see a great blog like this fade into the warp....

Black Matt said...

Thanks fellas, the damage to the camera is worse than I thougt. Iwill no longer power on. When I get a quote for fixing it, that will determine the future of the blog.

Da Warboss said...

that's a shit lot of Land Raiders in #2...
'Ard Boyz is supposed to ahve unuusal secret missions this go around...i think list 1 is your better bet simpley for objectives and not knowing what the scenarios are.

I'm using a similar list (One of the sorcerers has wings and goes with a 7-man khorne raptor squad) The other is termy armored in a possessed land raider with 4 termy champs (Paired claws + slannesh icon for init 5).
I'm using two dreads as well

Troops are sorc + 8 1K Sons,
8 man plague, 10 man zerks...the support is x3 oblits and x2 vindicators (Possessed)..

The pain in our ass is the low # of troops we can get and still have any support options....