Can all four dark gods get along effectively?

Can everyone get along long enough to slaughter and pillage the Lapdogs of the Emperor! The objective: represent all four gods in troop choices in a 2000pt list. Zerks, Noise Marines, Thousand Sons, and Plague Marines. This is what I have come up with.
Abaddon 275
4 Terminators w/1 combi melta 130
with Land Raider 250
Chaos Dreadnought with xtra close combat arm and 1 heavy flamer 105
4 Beserkers with skull champion w/ Power Fist, 1w/ Plasma pistol
Rhino with dozer blades 200
4 Plague Marines with champion w/ Power Fist, 1w/ Melta
Rhino with dozer blades 205
8 Thousand Sons wiht Asp Sorcerer with Bolt of change
Rhino with dozer blades 217
5 Noise Marines All with Sonic Blasters
rhino with dozer blades 165
Defiler with extra close combat arm in place of Heavy Flamer 150
Defiler same as above 150
Defiler same as above 150

What do you guys think? I see my game plan is to rush Black Matt, I mean Abaddon, up in the Land Raiders followed closely by the Defiler/ Dreadnought wave. I keep the Thousand Sons and Sonic Marines back for objectives and move the zerks and the nasty boys up behind the heavy hitters to clean up!


Bodacious said...

Is IoCG on your terminators? Sure would be sad to see Abaddon be cut down or run off the table thanks to your terminators getting shot to pieces.

Kjetil said...

If you keep the Noise Marines in the back, I would consider giving them a blastmaster.

Icon of Chaos Glory on the terminators is a must. Really. Above comment made it pretty clear, can't have Abaddon running because his retinue is running.

4 Berzerkers may be to little teeth to throw a good bite, but with the support going out there it should be fine.

HuronBH said...

I think the 4 gods list is perfectly feasible, however I would drop the Terminators and up the numbers in all the squads to each gods holy number at least.

Put the Berserkers (increased to 8 models) in the raider with Abbadon, add a 6th Noise Marine with Blast Master, and 2 more plague marines. The Noise Marines probably do not need a rhino and work well in squads of either 6 or 12, all with sonic weapons and a Blast Master of course.

I get the fluffiness of the Termies with Abbadon, however having them lose combat and be run down with Abaddon in toe is such a waste and something I have seen happen several times before.

I would also drop one of the defilers for a second dread, as both models work well in pairs.

Magilla Gurilla said...

Interesting list.
I would have to agree with everyone above that you need to drop the terminators and increase the Zerkers. Having them in the Land Raider with "Black Matt" means he will not run away when the terminators break. All it all it looks like a fun list. If you wanted to run a 4 powers list, how about one that keeps the uses the old rule sacred numbers? Something like this:

HQ: Huron Blackheart (170 pts) - Cuz I like him!!

Elite: Dreadnought (105 pts) w/ Dreadnought CCW; Heavy Flamer

Elite: Possessed (212 pts) w/ Icon of Khorne; Mark of Khorne

Troops: Khorne Berzerkers (258 pts): 7 Khorne Berzerkers, 1 Skull Champion w/ Power Fist; 1 Rhino w/ Extra Armor

Troops: Noise Marines (275 pts): 5 Noise, w/ Sonic Blaster x4 and Blastmaster, 1 Noise Doom Siren; Power Weapon; 1 Rhino w/ Extra Armor

Troops: Plague Marines (271 pts): 6 Plague Marines w/ Meltagun x2, 1 Plague Champion w/Power Fist; 1 Rhino w/ Extra Armor

Troops: Thousand Sons (319 pts): 8 Thousand, 1 Aspiring Sorcerer w/ Bolt of Change; 1 Rhino w/ Extra Armor

Heavy Support: Land Raider (240 pts) w/ Daemonic Possession

Heavy Support: Defiler (150 pts)

AutarchAndrew said...

Here is what i was thinking for a Undivided Aproach

Chaos Sorcerer-Bike,Lash,Mark of Slaanesh 155
Chaos Sorcerer-Mark of Slaanesh,Lash 125

8 Khorne Berzerkers-168
1 Skull Champion-Power fist 61
Rhino-Extra Armour
9 Thousand Sons-207
1 Aspring Sorcerer-Winds of Chaos 90
Rhino-Extra Armour 50

9 Thousand Sons-207
1 Aspring Sorcerer-Winds of Chaos 90
Rhino-Extra Armour 50

10 Chaos Bikers-Icon of Nurgle,2 Meltagun,power fist on Champion 420

2 Defilers- 2 Extra CC weapons 150 x2


Dallas Hogan said...

I thought the Chaos Land Raider was 220. Not 250. You have 30 points left over for your list then Black Matt.