vs. Danny Internets

Hello Everyone,
Today I got in two games over at the club and the first one was against Danny Internets from http://www.baldandscreaming.com/ When I wrote my list, I had Danny in mind. His army and the game play that comes with it is the hardest at the club. So if I could win against him and his guard then my list was definetly a "doofer." You know, a do for now!;)
**EDIT** There is a rules question in the video that I would like to know what everyone thinks about. Can The Doom of Malanta effect units inside a transport, much like the way a Farseer can guide or fortune a unit outside of the transport he is in?


Tyler said...

what do you mean you can't take the swarmlord with tyrant guard..?

Xzandrate said...

@Tyler: the tyrant guard aren't a retinue, they are a seperate brood. He can take the, but the restrictions to Dawn of War is 1 HQ 2 Troops, so he couldn't deploy them.

A question I had, about 5:30 there was a mention that "your drop pods automatically come in again". How were they doing this?

Unlike Marine pods, I can't find anything in the codex indicating there is a drop pod assault that allows automatic deployment of the pods. I assume they roll for reserve as normal, did I miss something?

Steven Beasley said...

In the 40K FAQ it clears up that you can't target units in the transport if you are outside the transport. It states:
Q: Can Psychic powers be used on a unit embarked on a transport?
A: For simplicity's sake, the answer has to be a firm 'No, unless the psyker himself is in the unit being transported'

Ian said...

Yeah, there's no way I'd let you kill models inside a vehicle. Very clearly FAQ'd.

Black Matt said...

@ Xzandrate They automaticaly came in because it was turn three and I would normally need 3+ roll for reserves. But I had both a lictor and a swarmlord on the board at the beginning of the turn so I get a cummulative +2 to my reserve rolls. THe reserve rolls state, or at least I am told, that there is a numerical value assigned to it and no rule stating "that a 1 always fails!" Therefore since I would have normally needed a 3+, with +2 bonus to my reserve rolls, I then needed a 1+. I cant fail that,
even with my dice;)

@ Steven Beasley
The thing is that I am not targeting any unit. They are simply within 6" of my model and therefore take wounds, if they roll high enough.

@ ian
I dont know about any FAQ, are you wiling to tell me about it?

Kjetil said...

The general idea is that models inside a transport are, for such reasons as you had, not on the table. Therefore, they are not subjected to the Doom's powers.

I'll try to find the exact page it's on.

Lucas said...

Black Matt, Get on to the gw web site. Under the 40k tab go to articles, after going to the article go to gaming, after that scroll to the bottom and click on the FAQ. This will bring you to an errata, click next, after that go to the 40k rulebook FAQ. There you should fined your answer.

Black Matt said...

holy crap, I didnt know GW had a website!! Ok here is what I found!
Q. Can a model use a psychic power that is not a
Psychic Shooting Attack if it is embarked in a
transport vehicle?
A. Yes. If the power requires line of sight, this is
still worked out from the vehicle’s fire points
(this will count as one model shooting through
that fire point if the power is used in the
Shooting phase).
If the psychic power does not require line of sight
and has a range or an area of effect that is
normally measured from the model using it, these
are measured from the vehicle’s hull, as
explained in the Embarking section on page 66.

Unless there is something else in there I didnt read, it works just fine to me. Im calling my lawyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My rules lawyer!!!!!!!!!!!lol

pissclams said...

the power as it stands is able to target inside vehical. No targeting is necessary its a area of effect power.

until its FAQed it should remin as is.

pissclams said...

Matt i think you need to remember in the future that it actually benefits a mech list to box him in with your Pods. First off it protects him from your big guys getting to him as long as he doesnt kill them. In objective mission he could then simply tank shock the pods out of the way when he needs to move. I guess you could also try a Death or glory to kill his tank with 2d6+6 damage. However if you fail the pods goes bye bye.

Black Matt said...

I disagree, battle field control is what I am looking for! Walling him in protects my bugs until they can get close enough and with mech marine armies, rhinos, I am going to tear them apart if they stay close to me for long! Bring death or glory, any day in that circumstance!
I have a much larger plan coming together that involves these spore pods!

ModoX said...

Regarding whether you can use that psychic power, the FAQ wuote you provided Matt does not apply - it refers to a psyker being inside a transport and casting a power out of it.

It looks at first like the quote from Steven Beasley means you cannot pull off the trick you're attempting, but that's not the case. It confused me that it said "unless the psyker himself is in the unit being transported", until I realised it referred to a psyker casting some supporting power on a friendly unit.

There's nothing on what you're trying to do in the official FAQs. However I was reading the Warhammer World FAQ (used for the British GT finals) today and found this ...

Can Psychic power be used on a unit embarked on a transport?
Only psychic powers that do
not need line of sight can be used on units embarked on a transport, in which case range is
measured to the hull.

I don't know how the power you're using is worded, but unless it suggests that line of sight is required, I'd say you can definitely do it. Not an officially official answer, but it's at least a plain answer from somewhere inside Nottingham!

Also, the pods look great.

Max said...

Page 3 of the rulebook FAQ:

Q. Can Psychic powers be used on a unit embarked on a transport?

A. For simplicity’s sake, the answer has to be a firm ‘No, unless the psyker himself is in the unit
being transported’.

I would extrapolate this to be a no for area effect powers too. Just think of it working like blast templates, which also don't affect passengers.

Anonymous said...

Spirit Leach, the Special Rule in question, is not a Psychic Power. Its a special rule, so any FAQ on Psychic Powers and how they do or do not effect embarked models does not apply here.

The only psychic power the Doom of Malan'tai has is "Cataclysm".

Black Matt said...

Hey Marius,
I was just thinking that, its an ability! THings are lookin good for Adepticon!

Anonymous said...

Hey good to hear bud!