Dark Creed Book Review

My first book review!!

Yeah I liked, not as much as the first two, but I liked it!

I like this book and I LOVE the series leading up to it but I cant help but feeling a little disappointed by the third in the series. I am not well versed in Literature so I dont know if the book applies the 5 principles of good writing or other tom-foolery, but it flowed well and I didnt get bored. As is always present in Space Marine novels, good or evil, there is always a move shoot and assault series of battle scenes. The battle scenes always bore me and I hardly pay attention to them, even though I LOVE reading these books. The way I am most often entertained is the way these novels flesh out the 40K universe with character development and new ways to visualize Chaos, Necrons, Eldar or any race in the unforgiving future. And that is where I think this book has failed a little bit! I read it because I was eager, and finished it because I wanted to know what happened to the characters! I like the book and definetly suggest it after reading the first two but my love belongs with, Dark Apostle and Dark Disciple. In the first two, the Word Bearers are a ZEALOT fighting force with pure faith and unflinching belief. The Corphyus would NEVER EVER doubt the word of his Dark Apostle. There was unity and truth of purpose, and nothing, but the will of the true gods could sway their direction. The third did not continue that story element and that if anything is what was wrong with the story! Is it written well, I dont know. Is it 40K goodness? Yes and an extra Yes because it is Chaos. Did it live up to my expectations? No, nothing ever does. This series is a HUGE source of inspiration for my Black Legion army. You know, the one that I havent posted about in a few months! It would of had a Word Bearers army except for "HAIL HORUS," attitude!!!!
Anyway, read the damn book! Your brain needs the exercise! Death to the False Emperor!!!!!!!!!!



AutarchAndrew said...

I was thinking about picking this one up now i defently will.

AutarchAndrew said...

O and have you seen my new chaos blog

Deo said...

Hey matt.... I know this is random....But did you see Avatar?

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