the Wolf counter attacks 1K vs Wolves prt 2


pissclams said...

revenge of the nerds !

the rule describes squads and without checking the rule book that only pertains to units of infantry. Squadrons would be vehicals so as per RAW would not count. I vehical certainly isnt a squad..its a UNIT.

im going to check the BBB today and see if there is something dfferent

pissclams said...

rechecking the rulebook it mentions what a squad is. so going by the rulebook a squad is a group of warriors banding together. So a single model even if infantry would not be considered a squad as per RAW

pissclams said...

HEY MATT...what would be great is if you could possible give a small write up on the game and what your thoughts were.. possible how would play the game better. what his strengths are ect ect. This would be really helpfull in this case due to the fact that wolves are such a new army and not a common sight right now.

I watch these to get some insight on how good these armies are and your ideas on how to deal with a new army like this is pretty invaluable coming from and experianced player such as yourself.


Aldonis said...

Kudo's on a great battle report. Appreciate you posting one where you got tabled, most people aren't confident enough in themselves to do that.

Rep up!

Black Matt said...

Ed, that is a good idea. I learn a lot about these battle reports because seeing the game from a "3rd" person point of view has made me a much better player. Much much better!my problem is that I can't do it because I don't have pc access @ work, and I already spend more time than I should on this when I am home. As far as wolves go, I have only played against them twice and with a non competitive list so I don't really know how to beat them except with the business end of my plasma cannons.

Aldonis, glad you liked my ass beating. Things fell apart on me there at the end.

Magilla Gurilla said...

Thunderwolf Calvary are brutal. They are the Space Marine Equivalent to Nob Bikers...oh wait, the same person wrote both codexes!

Volume of fire is needed to get rid of Thunderwolf calvary, and I was mildly shocked to see that your Thousand Sons with their torrent of extra strength bolter fire were not able to wittle them down faster.

Anonymous said...

No one commented on the patch?

Animal House ftw!

Anonymous said...

Oh and Matt in the batle report you had him remove whole models where possible because 1 already had a wound on them in the Thunder Cav.

However thats not entirely true. If you have unique equiped models you can spread around the wounds all you like, taking out whole models where you can among those unique groups.

So if each Thunder Cav model is equiped differently, you can apply single wounds to them across the board without ever taking a whole model off until you have done enough wounds to start wrapping around the unit again.

I dont know how his were geared, so just a fyi. If they were all the same, then exactly correct call on your part.

Sgt. Brisbane said...

Hey there, Matt. I visit your blog whenever there's an update and I just now realized as I listen to this battle report that it took place at Comic Book Heaven. Is that the one in White Plains?! I live near there and am looking for regular games, when do you all hook up to play?

Also, have you played at Toywiz? I swear those tanks were there a few months ago.

Sweet blog, man, very helpful!


Black Matt said...

Hey Brisbane,
Absolutely, that is the one in WHitep Plains!!! We play at the store on SUnday and at the Salvation Army Church on MOnday nights. If your free then we would love to see you come on through. I would suggest the Salvation Army as I think its better place to introduce yourself and find a game. Some sundays are hit and miss!
I usually go to Toywiz for their tournaments but missed the last one because of Wifey!
Hope to see you and meet you on the battlefield!

Sgt. Brisbane said...

Awesome, man! I will definitely swing by. I'm slowly getting back into the game (I missed all of 4th edition) and I have been trying to find some games closer to home. Looking forward to hanging with some new players!