Sorcerer Lord cape construction part 2


HuronBH said...

Looking good Matt, I think it will look pretty cool when you are done. What grit of sand paper do you use when sanding GS?

Also, are you going to work the collar back in?

Black Matt said...

What's up Jay,
Yes, absolutely I am going to work that collar back in. It keeps popping off with the excess handling dueng construction so I am just going to leave it off until I am finished with the sculpt. I don't use sandpaper when I sand the green stuff, I use a couple of small files. One is square with
90 degree angles and the other is round. I use the round one much more. How is it going and are you working on anything right now?
Ps thanks for the love on your blog about our tourney. I was talking to Fritz and we really appreciate it.

HuronBH said...

No worries, do you have the list of pairings still? Could you tell me the names of the other 2 guys I played in rounds 2 and 3? I have write ups and photos for those games but do not remember their names.

Also, I do not have an official date yet but sometime in March, probably early (As Adepticon is late), Mike, I, and another local will be putting on a similar event down here. More info about that around the 1st of the year.

HuronBH said...

As far as what I am working on, I have been working pretty steadily on trying to tweak and revamp the Howling Griffons into a solid outflanking force. You would not recognized it now. Except for Khan, the terminators, and their Crusader, pretty much the whole rest of the list had changed a few times.

I am trying to get it painted up for the plethora of tournaments happening on the east coast between now and Adepticon (not on the east coast). Paint score and players choice have always been important to me as I do not expect usually to win tournaments. After seeing your army and what Jawaballs is doing I figure I need to really step it up if I am going to compete with you guys in the future.

Black Matt said...

Bad news Jay, I dont have the pairings. Gone the next day most likely. Let us know.

Dave said...

Seems pretty good Matt.It would look even more better once the work is complete.Thanks for the video.I hope that I will get the further updates on this work.

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