Jetbike speed painting day 3

Yup, Day 3


Xzandrate said...

Those are looking great.

I was skeptical about the Dark Elf bits not fitting, but the swords give them an awesome feel, and I can definitely picture them as a pirate force.

The spears, I like everything but the spear head on the Dark Elf spear. But I much prefer the spear head and pose on the other spear, but I think the spear shaft itself is too thick, and too plain.

A couple simple things like a butt to the spear, and maybe a ribbon would make all the difference I think. Something maybe pointed with some gems on it would be ideal, but as you said, not something you're keeping, and you're on a time limit.

Silar said...

They look good so far can't wait too see the completed look.
I agree with the above comment about the second spear being just too plain, it needs something extra to make it a singing spear.
On a side note the dark elf corsair kit is amazing when combine with guardians heres what i've done with mine


Anonymous said...

Thostr figs are starting to look really wicked man.

HuronBH said...

Great job Matt, looking good for a quick, kit bash, speed painted army. I wish I could focus and get stuff done like that. Its been a few months since I have been able to. Keep up the good work.

dzer0 said...

Did you look at the Dark Elf Warrior sprue? If you are looking to get some new spears that are the same across the army you way just want to buy the sprue off ebay.

These bikes are looking great, I am current in the process of converting my Dark Eldar jetbike army with Dark Elf parts and you are inspiring me quite a bit.

Black Matt said...

Thanks crew, ill keep plugging away!

Devinstater said...

Damn, what song do you use for your intro?