Fall 09' tourney date moved! to Nov 21st

Just here to announce that we changed the date for the Fall 09' tournament. It is now on Nov. 21st!! So save this date and forget the other!
Some of the details are as follows, (what I can remember this late at night anyway,) :
-NOV. 21st
-2000 point regular force organisation chart/ no forge world
-no soft scores will go towards overall winners, but will recieve there own award.
-Salvation Army Church located at 16 Sterling Av., White Plains, NY.
-Registration will be up at www.baldandscreaming.com/tournament this friday
-you must prepay using paypal
-$200 for 1st, $150 for 2nd, $100, for 3rd!
-40 person tournament
-chinese raffle with excellent bid fare
I dare anyone in the region to try and come in our house and burn it down, stealing our loot!! If you got the balls, bring it!


AutarchAndrew said...

looks like this is going to be my first tournament win

Greg said...

Sweet! I'm so glad you guys changed the date. I'll be there with the giant box of Goldfish crackers again.

Now onto finding a 2000pt army

Black Matt said...

Awesome Greg,
You guys are one of the main reasons we are moving the tourney.

Greg said...

We totally appreciate it! I've already got the details posted on our forums.

Anonymous said...

What are the other requirements of the tournament? Fully painted models.. 3 colors.. or Games Workshop Grey?

Are you using any "house rules" or other documents to help alieve any possible rules conflicts ahead of time?

I need details!

Doug said...

Hey my browser spazzed out when clicking submit, have a double entry on the roster. Just a heads up.

James said...
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James said...

Wish you all had made this easier to find ... our group from Northern VA was intending on playing the 14th and had already taken off ... thanks for the foul ups. If we make it up it's personal now.

Black Matt said...

@ doug, no prob
@ James, do you guys still think you can make it?

Anonymous said...

Mattt I still need Details!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James said...

So far everyone is a go but myself, I have to go into work tomorrow and try to change my days off back to what they were originally. (sucks)

Black Matt said...

@ doug, I think we accidently erased your email accidently. Is it possible to shoot it over to me?

Black Matt said...

Greg, we lost yours too!