vs Warmaster Will


Death 0F Angels said...

I think thats the most damage ive ever seen a defiler do.

Anonymous said...

No doubt.

You know Matt.. I remember a certian 3000pt game we never got to finish from years ago.

Blood Angels v. Nurgle if I recall correctly.

Who's gonna be the Warmaster now?

Challenge issued sir.

John said...

Ooooo! Challenge extended...
By the way, nice battle! Seemed pretty intense and down to the wire, which, always makes for a great game!

Black Matt said...

@ marius. That game was a disgrace.
I would say that honor demands vengeance but since I don't have any honor, my hatred that burns as bright as the day we where betrayed by the corpse emperor
Will have to demand it. How we gonna do this. Your gonna have to fly to new York cause I just blew my stockpile.

John, I would love a good game and since marius won't be able to give me that ill take it where I can get it

Anonymous said...

Bahaha Disgrace?


The wings of Sanguinius himself surrounded and lifted the forces of the Blood Angels to the furious levels of vengence that only the traitors of the Emperor of Man could deserve. The corrupt souls of those involved got the only gift the Emperor had left to give them. Damnation.

Anyway, actually Matt I did have intentions of flying out to NY to get games in with you and your club. The times that are good for you are all I need to know. I am working on buying a house here but depending on how that goes, I could make it out by the end of the year.

Ash said...

Black Matt,

I love Chaos Terminators but I have found that you can't deep strike them as a tactical asset into a game.

I thought I could do this and use them to raze havoc behind the enemy lines.

It turns out the Terminators are sitting ducks if they are not locked in close combat. There are too many weapons that will ignore the 2+ and with them deep striking in a tight little group they are dead and all they did was get off one round of shooting.

I used them for awhile with Combi-weapons and would drop them in to take out tanks, they could kill one but then they were dead. There are cheaper ways to kill tanks.

I like them assaulting out of land raiders with the icon of Khorne.

I also have a question for you.

When I read the CSM codex it looks to me like I can make all of my terminators Aspiring Champs for +10 points each. Not just one of them. Is this the way that you read it?


Black Matt said...

@ash. Absolutely to about everything you said. Termira that deep strike are sitting ducks and you can use all aspiring champs. Try the mark of tzeench on your termies for survivability. 2+/4+