I have been thinking a lot about what it is that this blog should be about. It has changed a lot for me since the first time I did it back in Jan/Feb. It used to be about winning! Both on, Best General, and off the table, Players Choice! Fritz, the master tactician, advised me in the ways of subtle suggestion. You see, I didnt just build this army to try and win at the GTs, I also built it to make another run for Players choice. Players choice is a popularity contest! I know, that seems stupid but it is. I got so many compliments from people at the GT saying that they would vote for me in Players choice but they already promised their buddy that they would vote for him. So how does writing a blog better your chances for player's choice? The more people who see your army, the more people who will recognize it. And in the end you have to ask for people's vote. Is that shallow? I didnt vote for myself in my Players choice win, but I asked my friends, the three who went, if they would consider voting for me. That is if they thought I deserved it.

So what is this blog about now and why continue to do it.

After reading the Standard Bearer in the last White Dwarf, I realized what my Blog is about my experiences in 40K as I see them now.As a 9 year Veteran with limited success towards the goals that he set for himself, Im in it now, for the community. The Battle for Salvation Club is kinda wierd in that several of us have succesfull blogs.

And believe it or not after this long unfocused rant, this post is about introducing another club member with his own set of skills. Fritz has his tactics to stand on, Jawaballs tells everyone how awesome he is, Micho is a masterfull modeler, and I tell everyone how they are doing everything wrong . We call him Dan Da Spoiler! Not the despoiler, but Da Spoiler! And thats because if he isnt in the top three, he is busy knocking the rest of us out. Danny Internets, as he is known online, plays to win. Not at all costs, not at the cost of his opponents enjoyment, but if your playing him, he is thinking about beating you. He enjoys the competitive aspect of the game. He is probably the best player that we have at the Battle for Salvation. Check him out at I was originally going to take an opposing viewpoint to one of his posts but this quick post turned into the longest post I have ever written. So tell me what you think about his blog!!


Khornatedemon said...

nooooooooo! now I'm not the only one who reads his blog too!

Danny Internets said...

Thanks, Matt! I guess this means I have to actually write stuff now. I need to remember to bring my camera when I play more often.

Flekkzo said...

Oh great, more blogs that are interesting to follow :) This means less painting and more reading! That said it looks to be interesting thus far. I'll keep the subscription for as long as it amuses me:)

Do you ever, after a night out, after Danny passes out, bring out the paint and paint him green and greenstuff some orky features on his face? That avatar looks soo like an Ork :)

I think that it is cool that there are several guys from the same club blogging. It gives the whole thing more context and substance. Now reading five(!) of them you only have to post 1/5th as much material and it still feels like a proper blog. Plus it gives me a chance to hear from opposing views.

Any chance you guys could have a "Blogger supreme" tournament among each other and blog about it? Would be fun to see every game from both points of view :)

Fritz said...

What? Dan has a blog? How could I not know about this?

Danny Internets said...

It's been my secret project for the past month. I was hoping to get a lot more writing done, but the battle reports took longer to do than I had expected. I guess the cat is out of the bag now lol.

Khornatedemon said...

Now James and myself needs blogs and the circle will be complete.

HuronBH said...

Okay, view from the outside.

You have a good Blog there. Your topics are interesting and you express your points well. Your ideas have sound backing and I am interested in continuing to read your blog (I have added you to my Blog Scroll).

However I do have a few suggestions.
1) What is up with the gray bar on the left side of your blog? There is no content in it. I would deep six it ASAP if possible
2) You need to choose whether or not to do full articles or summaries on your blog and go with one or the other. Right now you have too much info showing for a summary and having to click half way and losing your place is annoying. I personally would just go full article but that is what I prefer.

Other wise, good stuff, keep it coming.

Danny Internets said...

Huron, I appreciate the feedback. I think I'll probably trim the summaries down a bit. It was more a temporary thing while I build up some actual content.

What resolution and browser are you running? There should be a gray bar on both the left and the right sides of the centered page. I took the format from my other site which was getting a few thousand hits per day and I never saw anyone using lower than 1280 width, so I based the design on that minimum.