Army update #4


G said...

Although its a bit of a radical step, what first popped into my head was that if the chaos-star sections orientation were reversed on two of the rhinos you could align them all facing in the same way as if in convoy or similar, or have them spaced out as if in a battle formation, but the star would still be evident.
The big problem with that of course is you'd have to re-paint two of the rhinos.

Death 0F Angels said...

id put the rhinos in sets of 2 (so you have 2 half stars) at a 45 degree angle to each other and use a half circle for your base. Put troops from the inside rhinos in the back and the troops from the outside rhinos on the left and right sides. You can put your commander/centerpiece between the side of the inside rhino. I think that would make it look good as a force and give the best placing of the star without facing them in many directions. It may not keep them in a complete circle but i think youd have to be pretty dense not to realize the effect.