BFS tourney battle report

HQ- Belial 130 pts
Troops X6 5 man Terminator Squad, 1w/ Assault Cannon 1470 pts
245 x 6 = 1470
Elites 5 man Scout Squad, 1w/Missle Launcher 150 pts
w/ Drop Pod
_____________________________________________1750 pts
Well it is pretty obvious that this is not the best Deathwing list that can be written for tournament play. "Black Matt, so why did you take this list if it sucks nuts?" Well to answer that question, I did it on the spot without much preparation for the event. It was very possible that I wasnt going to play and I would not have, except for the large number of no shows. I do not own the current Space Marine or the Dark Angels codex so I wasnt able to write a decent list. Even if I had owned either, this tournament is very strict with the WYSIWYG, and that is the main reason that I took what I took. I played the "Lysander BOMB," in 4th edition and it is the best army that I have for winning painting awards. I very much consider "Battle for Salvation," my house and I wasnt about to let anyone walk in and take best painted from me in ,"my house!"


Ash said...

Where was the Black Legion, I was hoping to see the "Lash and Destroy"


Pendragon said...

nice report :)
It seems like you switched from using the new space marine codex to using the Dark Angel Deathwing to represent your Imperial Fists.
How about giving us a run down on your list :) like how did you equip the terminator squads and your thoughts on that. Was there a terminator apothecary (which is a must if you use the DA rules :D)? And to what extent did you individualize their wargear to get the most out of wound allocation etc.
Thanks a lot for all your effort on this blog :)

Black Matt said...

Comin right up, I'll edit the post and include the list and reasons for what i did and didnt take. Thanks for the kind words! REALLY appreciated

Magilla Gurilla said...

After watching your game and comparing it to the videos of your fantastic Chaos Army, I gotta say that if you decide to go to the BOLS tourney in Texas (and you need to go), you have to take your Chaos Army.

...oh, and the Fist army is fantastic!

Jwolf said...

Please do come to Texas, and bring the Chaos and the Deathwing. We have prizes for killy and for pretty, after all.

Ace_Blitzkrieg said...

Where is this tournament at and when is the next one because I will totally drive from VA to come play on those boards!


Black Matt said...

that sounds like an invite! Much more likely!

The next one we put on will probably be closer to the holidays! It wont be for a while but if you stick around here you'll see.

Black Matt said...

Thanks Magilla, that is a no doubt. I picked up a paint brush for the first time in since they announced the GT cancellation. I working on the chaos.