ard boys 09 playtest #2

Here is the new list. I didnt even get through two turns with the first list to know that it was no where what it could be.

HQ X2 Lash Sorcerer with Melta bombs and P. ICon 135X2 270
Elites X3 5man chosen with 5meltas with Rhino w/ DB, CombiMelta 190X3= 570
Troops X4 7man Plaguemarines, 2w/ meltas with Rhino w/DB 221X4= 881
troops 5 man Plaguemarines, 2w/meltas with rhino w/ DB 175
Hvy X2 3man oblit squad 225X2 450
Hvy 2 man olit squad 150

I had to change the list a little for the playtest because I couldn't get my hands on another rhino. I gave one of the plague marine squads a champ with a power fist. I did much better than I thought I would do against this power house list. Damn,! its tough. To see what Kris was playing, see the previous video. I almost won, and thinking about it, its hard to believe that I was 2.25" from a major victory after I caught an ass beating like that! Kris took home the minor victory, beating me in Kill Points!

I havent forgotten about the Obliterator contest and I will announce the winner on Friday!


Nagamo said...

Kris´ list is pretty bad ass, expect to see similar armies at ard boys a lot. You will have a very hard time with Chaos, they are not top tier in the current environment. The more I think about it, competing in the melta arms race isn´t the way to go, I fear. With my Eldar, I would take 30 Fire Dragons and show the Vulcan smurfs what "melta spam" means, but with Chaos, I would run an antilist to the metagame. No tanks, no walker, just a lot of footslogging or jumping infantry combined with maxed Olits, playing defensively. The only way typical SM lists to deal with a lot of infantry is CC or Flamer, against which Plague Marines are really good at.

Khornatedemon said...

The issue with foot slogging marines is there lack of mobility will allow a mech opponent to dictate the game usually. I'd love to see foot marines with this list. Plague marines are tough but not so tough against what you will see at ard boyz. TH/SS terminators, meltagun spam, IG plasma tanks of doom, nob bikers, tons of ordnance, flamestorm cannons, and tricked out CC specialists will all rain on plague marines day.

You are going to see lots of redeemers, TH terminators, and tough special characters in marine lists.

As to our game. While you might have been 2.25" from a major victory, I was 2" from a massacre :p Its my own fault for not realising the oblits would be able to see the lone biker where he was, I thought he was out of LoS completely. I also should have just kept vulkan and his terminators on top or at least closer to that objective knowing you still had one more troop squad to roll on. Live and learn though. It was also my first game ever using bikers. And if I wanted to be a douche I could have easily blocked up your board edge with bikers and speeders making it so your oblits couldnt come on the board and your rhinos would have had to tank shock into death or glory'ing melta's. For practice now, but if we meet at the finals you better expect it lol

Magilla Gurilla said...

Interesting battle. The Lash had more value than I thought it would due to the numerous bikers.
I really don't think the way to play against Vulkan Lists with Chaos is to try and out Melta them....twin-linked wins every time.
The lists that seem to be beating Vulkan Marines are those with long range fire power that are busting up the SM tanks and making the troops inside footslog across the board.
I hope you guys have a rematch!

Khornatedemon said...

well thats the point of the biker army magilla. It has nothing but mobility. And lots of firepower. Lash is one of its worst match ups but it does really well against pretty much any mech army, guard especially. I'm finding the bikers to be much more resilient than I originally thought.

Black Matt said...

"And if I wanted to be a douche I could have easily blocked up your board edge with bikers and speeders making it so your oblits couldnt come on the board"

Sorry but not so fast! There were pieces of terrain in the way, and you said bikers cant turbo boost through terrain so there would have been holes for my infantry to walk on and I would ahve sacrificied my rhinos to deal some real damage at that close range.

Khornatedemon said...

no but they can turbo boost around terrain. I had plenty of movement to do so. I started 12" up and would have had 48" of turbo boost movement over 2 turns. Which was plenty to fill up the board edge.

Either way i think its a dick move and didnt do it to you. Unlike charlie who tried to do it to me last night.

I actually asked the question on some sites whether or not if you tank shock me coming in from reserve and i death or glory and stop you what happens. There are no rules about it so nobody really knew. I know I always played that if something cant make it on the board it dies and If i stop the tank shock it cant make it.

Oh and i also asked about the squad and transport reserve rolls thing. If the squad walks on the board then the squad and the transport have 2 separate reserve rolls now since they are two separate units.. Or at least that was the answer I got. I believe like with deep strike and out flank you need to declare hows things are coming on the board when you put them in reserve. So you wold have to state how they are arriving, aka on foot, when you put them in reserve.

Magilla Gurilla said...

I was speaking about busting up the Land Raiders. I have seen a Tau list perform very well against them mainly because the busted up the transports early and were able to expose the speeders and bikes.
I do believe that the 2500 point Vulkan list is much more powerful than the 1750/1850 point list as it gives the army greater mobility which is important against the new MechVets IG.
I am interested in seeing more of your batreps on test games and round one of 'Ard Boyz...hint hint...

Khornatedemon said...

well this list is a very strong counter to mech vets. It was actually thought up by a guy who played both mech vets and sallies and tested against his own mech vet army.

I think in this age of mech at 2500 points tau is a contender. People will knock them but there ability to take out armor is probably the best in the game at the moment. Broadsides are awesome and built right in cover are very hard to kill. The problem is if they tool up to crack armor they suffer against hordes.

So far the biker army has two wins under its belt. This one and another against a raven guard army with shrike and 10 fleeting th/ss terminators. I have a game against mech vets friday and a game against another marine list monday.