Just a taste of the level I like to take it to.

Hey guys I know that I am getting away with something easy by posting a video that Fritz has done but this is an example of what level I like to take the my events. I organized this Apoc Battle and I plan on doing the same great job with this tourney. UltraBob is the Chapter Master for this event but he has given me free reign with the terrain. I have been working non stop painting new sets and redoing terrain for this tourney. I hope things are wowed by the terrain at our club.


Rick said...

I love the imperial fists......they are pre-heresy right? What are the termie heads from? Chaos marines? Also if you don't mind sharing, I would like to know how you painted them. Thanks...Rick

Black Matt said...

Rick, I didnt quite take it to THAT level with everyone having pre heresy heads. I could only get so much out of my troops!

On the how to paint yellow, well that would take a little more space than I have here. It wasnt easy is about all I can say here!
Black Matt

lordmagyar said...

whose imperial fists are great,im with rick spill the beans on that paint job they look unreal.

Luis Bermer said...

What a battle, man!

And nice video. I link your blog ;)