gt cancellation reaction


Xadhoom said...

I hear you and feel your pain, man!

I hope someone uses this opportunity to make a tournament event that tops the GW ones. Tournaments are a big part of the hobby for many people.

The guys that only like to play their closest friends in a relaxed setting can still do that, even if tournaments are around. Hopefully, GW recognizes the demands from the gaming community and comes back with a tournament circuit in 2010.

In the meantime, why don't you guys at the club host a tournament? You seem like a capable lot ;)

Black Matt said...

Yeah we have one coming up in May but its nothing but a local charity event. We hope to blow it up a little year after year and who knows how big itll get?
thanks for the comments

Brother Sgt James said...

i hate GW! By the way does any one have a extra melta gun i need it to make my 4th tacticaql squad for my alternite marine list.