Daemon Prince vs. Sorcerer in Rhino


UltraBob said...

Lash makes me sick to my stomach!

Black Matt said...

"Its not the Lash you fear, its my divine power." Marius Xerxes

TrangleC said...

I'm not sure whether i agree on this one. In my experience Princes are not so hard to hide. Actually the model is noticeably smaller than a Dreadnought and pretty small for a monstrous creature. It is about as big as a Terminator with a rocket launcher on top and stands on a middle sized base. Wings don't count for TLOS, as you know.

I think the big advantage of the Prince is that he is independent. With wings you have the speed and range to find him a good hiding place and you don't have to allocate a troup choice and a rhino just to get him somewhere. That frees that one unit to do other things.

That in combination with the fact that he is a good close combat tank killer, makes him the better choice, i think.

If you know how to hide tanks, how can you have problems with hiding a flying model that is about one and a half times the size of an Obliterator?